Workshop: How to play in Different Keys

Sunday, April 17, 2016 - 1:00pm
Uncle Woodrow's Workshop Tent
Patsy Kline and Jim Pittman
Jim and Patsy

Explore playing traditional Appalachian music in different keys with Patsy Kline and Jim Pittman leading the way.

Patsy and Jim are experienced jammers and performers who will demonstrate how to play in different keys on the mandolin and guitar.  Knowing how to change keys is an essential skill for jamming and for accompanying singers or other instruments. Participants should be familiar with the basic chords. All players should have a tuner and instrument strap, and guitar players should bring a capo.

A seasoned mandolin performer, Patsy is a certified Pete Wernick instructor who has taught mandolin workshops in many states and has led many traditional jamming camps.

Guitarist Jim Pittman is a workshop instructor who has studied with some of the world’s best flat pickers and is renowned for his helpful teaching style. His workshops assist intermediate and advanced guitar players with playing and practicing tips derived from years of practical experience.



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