Dance Exhibitions

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 11:00am
Dahlonega Visitors Center
John C. Campbell Folk School

Three Campbell Dance Teams To Perform

Two Performances: 11:00am and 02:00pm

At Bear on the Square Festivals during recent years, another dimension of excitement has been added to Dahlonega's Historic Public Square with appearances by dance teams from the John C. Campbell Folk School. Providing dance exhibitions on Saturdays of the festival have been colorfully-costumed mock sword fighters, exciting sword dancers, graceful and elegant garland dancers, traditional Appalachian-styled cloggers, and even cloggers performing even older dances from the British Isles. Campbell dance teams performing at the 19th annual festival will be Dame's Rocket NW Clog Morris, Sticks in the Mud Border Morris, and Rural Felicity Garland Dancers.

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